630mm Sanding Water Mill Wide Belt Sanding Machine

630mm 3 Sanding Water Mill Wide Belt Sanding Machine Laser Cutting Deburring Hardware Belt Sander Wet Grinder


R-RP system(two rollers and one pad type):

A. The first roller is an adjustable steel roller.

The second unit is rubber roller with air sanding pad.

B. The steel roller is used for calibration sanding and the rubber roller is used for fine polishing.

C. The pressing roller protects device to keep the board on the feeding table, which keep the operators safe.

Control panel Simple and clear automatic reset control button, easy to operate.

Electrical devices It is safe and stability to operate with the stable inner circuit, and the cleary electrical wire

Conveyor belt The five-layer laminated material conveyor belt is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life.

Geared motor Variable speed motor can adjust the speed of the belt according to product requirements. Oil and water separator to prolong the life of pneumatic components.

The body All the fuselage adopts international steel welding gantry milling, sheet metal laser cutting, accurate, stable and durable.