Cnc Panel Saw Machine


Professional CNC Table Saw Machine for Wood
1.Made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, movable table is high in strength and won’t bend.
2.With oxidation treatment, movable table surface is beautiful and hard wearing.
3.Manual titling and up/down for saw blade.
4.Tilt angles of main and scoring saw blades are displayed directly by precision inclinometer.

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The automatic cutting height adjustment for the optimum saw blade entry angle and maximum saw carriage movement smoothness ensures a high-end edge finish.
The dual measuring system guarantees maximum repeatability.
The pressure bar opens in relation to the height of the material, reducing the time required to move the material and hence ensuring maximum productivity and the shortest cutting cycles.
An ever increasing factor in production are the energy costs. Our “Green Line package” with its controlled extraction gates and direct control of the motors can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.
One of the lowest operating noise levels, helps the environment and protects the health of the operator.
Solid steel clamps, pneumatically controlled, guarantee a safe and damage-free clamping of panel stacks (opening height 3½” (90 mm)) and individual small panels.


-Constantly high performance in industrial continuous operation
-Customer specific optimised production solutions
-Solid design with premium components
-Many variations of specification packages with high-tech solutions
-Complete engineering precision
-Premium user comfort

-Award winning design
-Quality and precision from Austria
-Uncompromised productivity
-Perfect service package before, during and after the purchase
-Automation solutions
-Software and machines from a single supplier
-Tailor made financing solutions


Max Cutting Length3280mm
Max Cutting Thickness76mm
Main Saw Blade diameterΦ350mm
Main Saw Blade inner diameterΦ30mm
Main Saw rotating speed4800rpm
Scoring saw blade diameterΦ180mm
Scoring saw blade inner diameterΦ30mm
Scoring saw rotating speed6500rpm
Saw Carriage forward speed adjustable0-37m/min
Saw Carriage backward speed67m/min
Main Saw Motor11Kw

Rock Drive

The main shaft is driven by double motors, which has a heavy bearing capacity and long life. The equipment adopts double gear transmission, which is simple to operate and has a more user-friendly

Air Float Bead Countertop

Using highly flexible nylon guide chain, strong flexibility and more durable

Quality Electronic Components

The main shaft adopts a standard 450B large motor, and the XY axis adopts a 450A motor, which has high speed, good quality, low noise, low energy consumption, large torque, high precision and long life.


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