Cold Press Machine


Plywood Hydraulic Cold Press Machine For Wood Door
Plywood Hydraulic Cold Press Machine For Wood Door is suitable for furniture production factory, wooden door factory, artificial board of second operation
veneering, to hot-pressing bonding panel furniture, building partition wall, wooden door, fireproof door surface materials. In a variety of man-made board, such as: plywood, core-board, MDF, particle board’s surface pressing all kinds of decorative materials, decorative fabric, wood veneer, PVC, etc., It can also be used for veneer drying, leveling, color decoration wood leveling, finalize the design and the effect is remarkable.

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The market demands a change in manufacturing processes that enables companies to accept the largest possible number
of orders, whilst maintaining high quality standards, increased productivity and fast, reliable delivery times.
Hezhi meets these requirementswith advanced technological solutions which enhance and support technical expertise as well as process and material knowledge. The HZ120T is the hydraulic Cold press for pressing laminates, veneer onto mdf, plywood and chipboard.


-Electronic control panel.
-Digital timer for automatic opening with exclusion switch.
-Platen opening setting from the control panel.
-Digital setting and monitoring of working temperature.
-Digital setting and monitoring of working pressure.
-Electric exclusion of left pair of cylinders

-Selector switch to reduce power consumption on electric boilers above 18 Kw
-Two-hand safety control for press closing
-safety rope on all four sides.
-Mechanical platen locks for maintenance.
-Platen cover in aluminium or mylar
-Automatic pressure recovery


Maximum clamping force50T
Maximum working pressure16Mpa
Oil cylinder specification125*2pcs
Maximum pressure plate thickness1000/1300/1500mm
Motor Power4Kw
Plate size2500*1250mm
Overall Size3000*1250*2800mm

Thickened Body

The body is made of national standard channel steel, which can effectively ensure the stability of the machine and increase the service life

Field Welding

The lower pressing table adopts the Tianzi welding method, which can make the pressure distribution of the whole table evenly and ensure the flatness of the pressing surface for a long time

Control Panel

Button operation control panel, equipped with emergency stop switch, display, etc., easy to operate, emergency stop after power failure, safe operation


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