Double Sides Glue Spreader Machine

Automatic glue spreader machine  


Automatic glue spreader machine

Max glue spreading width 1300mm
Max working thickness 60mm
Rubber roller diameter 216mm
Steel roller diameter 157 mm
Material conveying speed 22m/min
Motor power 2.2 kw
Overall dimension 2000x800x1300mm
Net weight 650kg

1,Coated roller with high quality natural rubber with high mechanical strength, hardness suitable, good wear resistance, good aging resistance, long service life.
2,Steel roller with high-quality thick-walled seamless steel pipe, hard chrome plated and uniform, the surface to do mirror treatment, and then by grinding and other fine processing from Smooth operation, uniform coating, cost savings.
3,The use of the bottom of the hopper design, do not repeatedly add glue, the province of clean labor, a substantial increase in efficiency.
4,Gearbox for the gear, chain mirror with the drive, stable and reliable and durable.
5,The roller speed by the adjustable motor fine-tuning, control and stability.
6,Roller squeeze force balance, the object received rolling pressure uniformity.
7,Repeat the roll of the same roller and roll force.
8,According to the specific needs of the work to roll the speed of adjustment.10, the whole machine-wide steel structure, with a door-type shield.

Suitable for man-made board (production plywood, decorative panels, blockboard and other wood-based panels), furniture factory veneer and wood-based panel substrate (zero or whole, core or veneer) single or double glue.