Edge Banding Machine


Automatic Melamine Edge Banding Machine For PVC
1: New desIgn for the band clamping device,perfectly preventing the band from losing its track.
2:Four irregular cylindrical pinch roller can entirely press the band firmly to the board.
3:Non adjustment of the cutters of fine trimming & scraping units, pneumaticaly position,higher precison and higher productivity.

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Edge banding machine is Continuous and versatile solutions for quality machining are the distinctive features of Hezhi Woodworking Machinery
All you would expect from an edge banding machine: the use of EVA and Polyurethane glue thanks to the SGP glue pot, machining units with electronic axes allowing the automatic set up for 2 different radii, infinite thin edges and solid wood up to 12 mm.
It is the ideal edge bander for all those companies that need to produce many panels for both small and large batch production.


-Touchscreen Display
-One-sided automatic edge banding machine
-Glue delivery directly to the workpieces
-Unit adjustment equipped with counter for setting different
kinds of edges
-Milling of the edge overhang (up / down) flush or with 2 mm radius

-Accurate cutting of the laminate (back / front) by cutting unit
-Straight surface scraping unit
-Pressure rollers ensure perfect connection between laminate
and workpiece
-Automatic and constant panel feed
-Adhesive temperature electronically adjustable at the touch panel


Panle Min.size150*150mm
Panel Min.width300*60mm
Panel thickness10-60mm
Edge belt width13-63mm
Edge belt thickness0.4-2.0mm
Total power17.1kw
working pressure0.6mpa
Overall size2600*900*1500mm

Edge banding gluing device

The gluing device heats the glue through the glue pot and adopts a spiral structure to send glue and apply glue quickly and evenly, with firm adhesion

Flush Device

The front and rear flush device adopts German Haumann structure, which is fast and accurate in flush cutting. Taiwan guide rail is adopted, which is stable and precise. The precision linear guide rail adopts the structure of automatic tracking by die and high-frequency high-speed motor for fast cutting to ensure the smooth cutting surface. It is equipped with flush head protection device to avoid damage to flush head caused by improper operation.

Rough repair device

The rough trimmer is a flat knife to prevent veneer breakage when sealing thin veneers. Rough trimmer is used for PVC acrylic edge banding is the first flat knife process, can reduce the efficiency and wear and tear of the props, long service life. Rough trimming is recommended for edging over 1.2mm.


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