Multi-Head Horizontal Band Saw

 Multi-head horizontal band saw machine

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Horizontal Forest Wood Log Sawing Machine is to meet the requirements of customers , it is mainly used to cut logs. They can be cut into various specifications of plates and squares according to requirements. The modular design of DT300-5 is very suitable for companies that need large-capacity, heavy-duty multi-head heavy sawing. As production needs change, it can easily be expanded from one head to at most multiple heads. The large inclined surface can be converted into six plates and one plate at a time.

Multi-head horizontal band saw machine

DT300-2 Two Heads Band Resaw

DT300-3 Three Heads Band Resaw

DT300-4 Four Heads Band Resaw

DT300-5 Five Heads Band Resaw

DT300-6 Six Heads Band Resaw