Multiple Blade Horizontal Saw

Log Multi-Slice Saw

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We focus on manufacturing wood processing equipment such as woodworking multi-blade saw, and excellent wood processing solutions. In 2008, the company developed and manufactured the first round-wood multi-blade saw in China, and developed wood processing equipment such as square wood multi-blade saw, board edge machine, split layer saw and automatic production line, leading the technological revolution in the industry and ranking top in the industry. We always master the core technology of products, set up professional R & D team, optimize the performance of products constantly, and become the first-choice brand of the majority of users with its excellent quality and harsh precision.

Log Multi-Slice Saw

Log Cutting Multiple Blade Rip Saw

Double Spindle Panel Cutting Multiple Blade Rip Saw

Production Line

Sprinkler technology cool the saw blade, improve cutting precision, reduce sharpening rate of saw blades and prolong service life of saw blade.

Using Chinese high-quality brand electrical components with long service life, reasonable electrical layout and sufficient load factor margin. The electric control box door is equipped with a sealing strip, which can prevent the invasion of wood chips and water vapor and protect the electrical appliances from being invaded.

Fulcrum-style bullet-proof jab and strong grasp of wood fully prevent the wood rebound and insure the feeding stability.