Hot Press Machine

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Mdf Plywood Hydraulic Laminates Door Skin Hot Press Machine
Hot press machine is suitable for furniture production factory, wooden door factory, artificial board of second operation
veneering, to hot-pressing bonding panel furniture, building partition wall, wooden door, fireproof door surface materials. In a variety of man-made board, such as: plywood, core-board, MDF, particle board’s surface pressing all kinds of decorative materials, decorative fabric, wood veneer, PVC, etc., It can also be used for veneer drying, leveling, color decoration wood leveling, finalize the design and the effect is remarkable.

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Hot press machine is Press with electronic control and manual loading/unloading: the unique solutions and the utmost precision of the mechanical machining operations ensure high surface and gluing quality of the product being pressed. Highly versatile, it can be used for veneered panels, hollow-core doors and multi-layered panels. Available in numerous versions that can be configured with a vast range of accessories to meet all types of pressing requirements.


The sturdy structure has been engineered with a high safety coefficient to guarantee the highest level of resistance and rigidity in each processing phase.
The steel rod is chromed with a thick layer and rectified, all gaskets are high resistance to guarantee long lifetime and perfect seal.

The new control panel is equipped with a software that allows to automatically calculate the hydraulic pressure, manage the heating system, carry out a complete diagnostic, program and save all working parameters.


Nominal total pressure1600KN
Number and Size of hot plate4 pcs/2500*1300*42mm
Unit Surface pressure4.9KGF/CM²
Number and diameter of Cylinder8/100mm
Closing Velocity40mm/s
Working layer3
Hot plate Spacing100mm
Rated oil pressure25Mpa
Cylinder stroke300mm
Installed power4+36+1.5Kw
Maximum operating temperature200°
Total Weight7400Kgs

The pressure plate rises and falls at a constant speed

The lifting speed of the pressure plate is uniform, the pressure is uniform, and the working effect is good

Integrated Cylinder

The machine adopts an integrated oil cylinder to ensure no oil leakage during long-term use and achieve a good pressure holding effect

Pure Copper Motor

Using national standard pure copper motor, strong power, durable, not easy to damage


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