Hydraulic Rotary Composer Wood High Frequency Clamp Carrier Machine

High frequency jointing machine Solid wood hydraulic clamp carrier machine

Max processing thickness 15-90 mm
Max machining length 2500 mm
Max working width 1250 mm
Main motor 1.5 kw
Working pressure 0.6 Mpa
Outline dimension 4980*3900*3800 mm
Weight Weight

The locking wrench of the pneumatic panel splicing machine is locked by the air cannon, and the locking wrench of the hydraulic panel splicing machine is locked by the hydraulic pump driving the hydraulic locking motor, as shown in the figure

Operation process of board splicing machine:

1. Apply glue to the boards to be spliced (it will be better to apply glue on both sides of the glued surface) 2. Lay the plates flat on the table according to the process specification. 3. Push the hand valve, and press down the pressure beam to flatten and fix the plate. 4. Clamp the plates with splicing clamps (at least 3 splicing clamps are required for each plate) 5. Reset the hand valve and loosen the plate when the pressure beam goes up. 6. Take out the plate to dry 7. Repeat steps 1-6 to complete the batch splicing.