HZ1000-P6 Polishing Machine


HZ1000-P6 Polishing Machine is suitable for PVC wood door,solid wood composite door,solid wood door,molding press door,MDF cabinet door. Different solid wood cabinet,baby crib,office furniture,customized furniture,PU,PE,UV,NC primer,etc.

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Wood Polishing Machine Sanding/Wood Belt Polishing Machine is mainly used for surface polishing and fixed thickness sanding, suitable for wood panels,flooring, furniture, artificial stone, handicrafts,wood products and other products.


– Mini Wood Polishing Sanding Machine Brush for mdf
– Former sand frame is adjustable steel rollers, simple operation, the fixed thick roller and sanding pad effectively combine with high precision sanding.
– When breakdown happen,the device is powered down,transmission bed descend to protect the work piece safe.

– Advanced balancing testing fixed thick rolls,steel rolls, pulleys,makes the machine run more smoothly
– Elevating convey or bed microcomputer control, the error is small,fast and flexible
– Light, electricity, gas integrated design and reliable operation


Max. working width1000mm
Maximum processing thickness100mm
Motor power11Kw
Over dimension4200*1800*1800mm

Polishing Roller

According to actual needs, the density of the plate, the polishing rollers of different materials are equipped to make the polishing effect better​

Marble Conveyor Platform

The conveyor platform of the machine is made of marble material, which is higher in hardness than the commonly used iron plate workbench, no deformation, three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance

Control Center ​

Independent control system, industrial integration, intuitive and clear interface, easy to operate, precise control, independent power distribution box with strong anti-interference design, reasonable design, easy to heat dissipation​


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