Polishing Wax For Stainless Steel Metal Products


Grinding Type

1.Green polishing wax normally for any metal and nonmetal's last step polishing
2.Super mirror processing,will not cause any minor fresh cut.
3.Normally use cooperatively with cloth wheel.

1.Normally for metal and nonmetal polishing's behind step
2.Good brightness,will not have cut trace
3.Cheaper price then green polishing wax

1.For stainless steel,stainless steel iron,iron,copper,aluminum 's medium to fine polishing .
2.Can remove the workpiece surface's sand hole, oxide skin etc. The workpiece's surface will be smooth like mirror,good brightness.
3.Normally for stainless steel tableware, kitchen ware, knife tools, tube product, watchband etc's medium and fine polishing . 4.Normally use cooperatively with sisal wheel

1.Rich and good quality grease
2.Excellent brightness and grinding capacity
3.It works well for high class metal products:metal glass bracket,golden and silver accessory
4.The surface line is fine and smooth after polishing,will not burn the workpiece
5.Normally use together with rough cloth wheel

polishing wax
There are white polishing wax, yellow polishing wax, green polishing paste, and purple polishing wax.

The use and introduction are as follows:

1. White polishing waxIt is composed of stearic acid, fatty acid, alumina powder, monoglyceride, white wax, lanolin, etc. The minor ingredient is alumina.Uses: It is used in the middle polishing process, especially suitable for the polishing of 316, 321, 304 series of stainless steel hard metal materials, and is suitable for the polishing of shallow surfaces such as trachoma, sand grains and stretch marks, such as chemical equipment made of 2B steel plate, Hardware, various accessories, etc.

2. Yellow polishing waxIt is composed of hardened oil, petroleum jelly, rosin, quartz powder, iron oxide yellow, etc. The secondary ingredient is feldspar.Application: Suitable for rough polishing of metal or non-metal.

3. Green polishing pasteIt is composed of stearic acid, monoglyceride, beeswax, white wax, lanolin, excess chromium oxide green and alumina powder with better light emission. Minor ingredients are chrome oxide green and aluminum oxide.Uses: used for post-sequence glazing and fine polishing, suitable for fine polishing of various stainless steel, copper, aluminum and precious metals, fine instruments, etc.

4. Purple polishing waxIt is composed of rosin, vaseline, white wax, brown corundum powder or alumina powder with strong grinding force, iron oxide red, etc.

The secondary ingredient is brown corundum micropowder or alumina powder.Uses: For 200, 300 series decorative square tube and round tube polishing.Common polishing processes are divided into:Rough polishing: Generally, ordinary sand wax is used together with a rubber grinding wheel to remove the rough skin on the surface of the product.

You can also use refined sand wax or black oil stick, which is more efficient.Medium polishing: When general requirements, use general-purpose purple wax, which has strong strength, good luminosity, and is economical. When higher requirements are required, high-grade purple wax is used, with excellent strength and luminosity.

Fine polishing: Generally, green polishing paste or white polishing paste is used together with pure cotton cloth wheel. It is the final process of polishing. After polishing, the workpiece has a mirror or high-gloss effect.