Sander Sanding Machine R-R-R630


Sander Sanding Machine R-R-R630

Woodworking Belt Sander Machine is Suitable for sanding of blockboard, multilayer board, particle board, integrated board, solid wood, board furniture, bamboo and wood flooring, wooden doors and windows, handicrafts, glass steel, wood plastic products, etc.

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Beneath a perfectly varnished, waxed or oiled surface, invariably lies a perfectly sanded surface. Hezhi wide belt sanders make their mark through solid construction, modern machine technology and high productivity. At Felder you have the choice between 630mm, 1000mm and 1300mm of working width, various sanding modules, combination modules and much more. Felder quality, precision and perfect user friendliness are convincing in every way.


-Professional sander provides 630mm sanding width
-3 sanding drums allow coarse and fine sanding in one feed
-High quality conveyor belt for long service life
-Dynamically balanced sanding drums ensure smooth runnning
-High efficiency sanding performan

-Steplessly adjustable feed speed
-Conveyor belt is convenient to adjust
-Magnetic switch controls sanding drum drive
-Key switch controls conveyor belt running
-Convenient replacement of sanding belt


Working width30-1000mm
Working thickness2.5-100mm
Working length≥450mm
NO.1# abrasive belt speed20m/s
NO.2# abrasive belt speed18m/s
NO.3# abrasive belt speed20m/s
Feeding speed4-16m/min
Size of abrasive belt(WxP)1020x2000mm
Total motor power28.05kw
Main motorMain motor
Working air pressure0.55Mpa
Consumption of compressed air0.1m3/min
Volume of sucked air7000m3/h
Speed of sucked air25-30m/s
Overall dimension(LxWxH)1900x1700x2100mm


All the equipment is equipped with a thickened marble feeding table as standard, which ensures the smooth feeding and uses wear-resistant rubber pads for longer service life

Control Panel

Simple and clear self-reset control button, easy to use and easy to operate

Variable Speed Motor

The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the processing needs of various plates to make the sanding effect better


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