Single Row Boring Machine/Single Drilling Machine

Hinge Boring Door Hinge Hole Drilling Boring Machine
Model MZB73211
Max.drill dia 35mm
Max.boring depth 60mm
Max dimensions of pieces to be drilled 2400x640x80mm
Max.processing length of vertical head 1200mm
Min.processing length of horizontal head 900mm
Numbers of spindle 21
Spindle speed 2840r/min
Installed power 1.5kw
Air pressure 6-8kg/cm²
Suitable voltage 380V 50HZ
Min center distance between spindles 32mm
Gas consumption for drilling ten panels per min 11L/min
Overall size 2400*1150*1500mm
Net weight 450kg


1.This machine tool has the advantages of high efficiency, good rigidity, high precision, low noise, wide speed range, high speed operation, novel appearance, convenient maintenance and so on.
2.One-button control panel, operate easily.


1.The drilling covers a large scope,and all the bits can be installed quickly and conveniently;
2.The drilling depth and distance are controlled photoelectric switch(optional)and linear guide, so it can find out the location quickly and accurately;
3.The adoption of imported drillers improves durability
4.Selection of high quality steel machine parts,and it is never deformation by high-strenth heat treatment;
5.Equipped with digital calculator to measure size which enhances the work efficiency.

Suitable for all kinds of MDF, particleboard, plywood, PVC board, plexiglass, and solid wood plate drilling;Multi axis woodworking drilling machine can fine to help you build furniture, wood, etc., you can save your manpower and material resources, so that you put more down.