Small Wood Products Combined Surface Planer Jointer And Thicknesser

Woodworking combined saw, planer, thicknesser

Feature of Woodworking combined saw, planer, thicknesser
1. Sharpening, Drilling round hole, tenon making, Planing, cutting mouth, cutting mouth chamfering, Grinding saw blade, sawing, Chop spring, kinds of woodworking combinated.
2. Pure copper motor, wear resistant, efficient and stable, long service life.
3. Cast iron countertops, 120mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm width for you choose.
4. Full cast iron table, can drilling circle hole, adjustable up and down
5. The upper and lower drive shafts rotate synchronously, and the feeding is powerful and powerful. It can move forward and backward freely, and there will be no stuck wood and no advance or retreat.
6. excellent waterproof design, so that the spindle is completely waterproof when working, do not burn saw blades.
7. the use of ultra-thin small size saw blade, small load, saving materials and power.
8. through the dynamic balance of professional testing, vibration, voice is smaller.


# 4 in 1 combination multi wood plane

Fully automatic wood planer is widely used in sheet metal, furniture, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, DIY, decoration and other industries, with a wide range of social and economic benefits. machine with the most illustrative design, achieve the best use effect, the complexity of the program is your most economical choice.

1. What is your company positioning?
HEZHI MACHINERY, dedicated to precision equipment manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing, innovation sharing.

2. How do you do quality control?
HEZHI MACHINERY develops and implements strict quality management internal control standards to achieve close monitoring of the entire machine tool design and manufacturing process. 45 inspection and testing items, 632 quality control points, 48-hour high-speed full-stroke load processing test. Germany's ZEISS three-coordinate-measuring instrument, Britain's RENISHAW laser interferometer and other world-quality precision testing equipment are used to ensure the precise control of machine tool details.

3. What is your market advantage?
We provide not only machine tools, but one-stop solutions for machine tools.

4. Do you have after-sales service, and how to do it?
The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 years, and the service is responded immediately. we will actively and promptly solve problems for users as appropriate, and provide technical service support through telephone and video. If necessary, they will go to the customer site for on-site service.

5.What's the trade assurance?
When you look at our alibaba website, you will see the trade security, its purpose is to let every buyer confidence, it can protect your payment, ensure that the suppliers fulfill their commitment to the date of shipment and the quality of the products(as you stated in the purchase order).If the supplier finds breach of these contractual obligations, alibaba will indemnify you for 100% of your trade guarantee. Therefore, I believe that through trade guarantees, you will have greater confidence to cooperate with us. it can guarantee your interests.

6.Do your products support trade assurance?
Yes, our products are all supported.