Three Axis CNC Router

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Application field and material :

1. Advertising industry: Acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum-plastic board engraving and cutting, all kinds of signs, badges, signage, copper, fonts, all kinds of signs, trademarks and other materials.

2. Crafts industry: artificial stone crafts, souvenirs on the various types of text, graphics.

3. Mold processing: architectural model, physical model, bronzing mold, high frequency mode, micro injection mold, shoe mold, badge, embossing mold, biscuit, chocolate, candy mold.

4. Seal industry: Easily engraving on horns, plastics, organic boards, wood, storage mats, etc.

5.Woodworking industry: furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wooden handicraft industry, large-area plate flat engraving, solid wood furniture, solid wood art murals, MDF paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet doors, screen engravings, etc.

6.Mold industry: can engrave different molds, wood molds, aviation wood molds, propellers, automotive foam molds and so on.

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Our nesting machines enable cutting-optimized processing and dividing of plate-shaped materials. The typical applications of nesting are creation of carcass furniture, dividing and refining of furniture fronts and construction of frame furniture. Various possibilities for the automation of the material handling ensure a high time saving and an even more effective work.
(CNC Gantry-Processing Center Vantage 100)


-Hezhi Oi-MF Controls System
-1,500W Hezhi Servo Package
-12hp HSD Electrospindle – 24,000 RPM
-Iso 30 or HSK 63F Tool Holders
-8 Position Rotary Automatic-Tool Changing System
-Available in 4×4, 4×8,5×10, 5×12 and Custom Sizes

-Dual Support, Direct Drive, -Helical Rack & Pinion
-12″ of Gantry Clearance
-12″ of Z-Travel
-Cut Speeds Up To 1,600ipm
-Rapid Travel Up To 2,500ipm
-Optional 9 Spindle Boring


Effective working travel600(X)mm*900(Y)mm*150(Z)mm 
Shape dimension890*1250*670mm
acceptable material thickness≤150mm
Sliding units X axisDia.30mm chrome plate shafts
Sliding units Y axisDia.30mm chrome plate shafts
Sliding units Z axisDia.16mm chrome plate shafts
Stepping motor type57 two-phase 3A
Spindle motorChanglong GDZ80-2.2, 24000RPM, 2200W
Principal axis colletER20 1-13mm
Repeat accuracy0.05mm
Spindle precisionradial beat acuities 0.03 mm
Maximum speed4000mm/min

One-piece Thickened Body​

The use of seamless welding machine, heavy-duty body with sliding legs, large bearing capacity, can effectively reduce resonance, avoid knife breaking, and be more stable and durable​

Square Rail Helical Gear

Imported high-precision grinding helical rack, matched with imported linear square rail to improve accuracy and ensure that it will not be affected during long hours of work

Ball Screw

Using high-precision anti-backlash tight top screw to ensure more accurate positioning accuracy of relief​


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