Vacuum Laminating Machine


Best Price Door Vacuum Membrane Press For Woodworking Machine can be used to paste PVC on furniture, cabinets, speakers, relief doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes.
It also can cover the veneer and heat transfer film on the single side surface of door panel and furniture.

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Best Price Door Vacuum Membrane Press Laminating is experiencing something of a renaissance in the field of decorative finishing of wood-based panels. Major trends such as natural and tactile structured surfaces are raising the bar for surfaces in the furniture industry. Today, technical innovations and continuous developments are making laminating a powerful, flexible, and reliable finishing procedure. Progress made in using hot-melt glues — and in particular, reactive PUR — is replacing entire generations of glues such as PVAc. Improved quality in resistance to moisture and temperature qualify PUR in particular for use as a binding agent between panels and surface films. The different requirements for surfaces in furniture manufacturing demand clever production solutions that can be achieved by utilizing the experience and solid process expertise of HOMAG. HOMAG has aligned and expanded its portfolio on this basis. Customized laminating technology for customer-specific solutions.


-Single-sided or double-sided lamination
-Workpiece width up to 1300 mm
-Glue application via slot nozzle or roller bar nozzle
-Processing of thermoplastic films, high-gloss and supermatt films, as well as decorative papers all on rolls

-CompleteLine: possible combination of surface lamination with wrapping of the workpiece longitudinal edges
-Laminating system with automatic change of film without interrupting the feed
-With a huge efficiency in terms of energy saving, compared to shrinkwrap PE technology.


Overall Dimension6800*2200*1800mm
Table size2600*1300mm
Max working height60mm
Rating working pressureNegative press ≥-0.1Mpa
Actual power consumption8-9kw/h

Thickened body

The work surface of the fuselage is made of high-strength steel plate, which will not be deformed during high-temperature operation and will not be hot

Control Panel

CNC touch screen operation panel, using digital display automatic control technology, simple man-machine interface control, simple operation and high degree of automation

Distribution box

The control circuit of this machine has advanced PLC control, which can better control the failure rate of the machine


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