Wood Jointer Planer Machine


Wood Jointer Planer Machine for Multi Functional Combination
Wood Jointer Planer Machine for Multi Functional Combination has the advantages of high precision, low noise, high labor-saving efficiency, simple operation and good processing quality. It is especially suitable for medium and large-scale furniture factories and construction sites. It also has automatic safety devices such as automatic stop feeding and non-return devices to ensure the personal safety of operators.

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With technologically advanced detailed solutions, innovative operating convenience and clear machine design, the MB503 planer and MB504 planer thicknesser inspire and amaze woodworkers all over the world. Perfectly planed surfaces, maximum reliability and user-friendliness that is in a class of its own and top operating safety – the planers from Austria meet all the requirements of perfect woodworking.

Stable, accurate and unparalleled space-saving design, all details of the planing machines MB503 and MB504 are convincing and ensure accuracy for many years.


-Helical cutterhead with indexable carbide inserts for a superior finish and quieter cut
-Parallelogram design keeps the table close to the cutterhead for improved finish and allows for precise depth of cut adjustments
-Extra large aluminum extruded fence with centered controls for quick adjustments
-Extremely quick changeover between jointing and planing functions. Fence does not need to be removed

-Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs for increased stability
-Built-in dust chute with 4″ dust port used for both jointing and planing operations
-Large handwheel for quick and precise adjustments of planer table
-Heavy-duty cast iron tables with a machined finish to ensure accuracy and flatness
-Magnetic switch provides safer and more reliable operation
-Powerful 3HP induction motor easily handles the toughest jointing and planing tasks


Machine NameJointer Planer 
Worktable size1800*345mm
Oriented fence size880*95mm
Max working width300mm
Max working thickness4mm
Spindle speed6000rpm
Machine NameJointer Planer 
Worktable size1800*440mm
Oriented fence size880*95mm
Max working width400mm
Max working thickness4mm
Spindle speed6000rpm

Cast Iron Workbench

Cast iron worktable, the whole table top is finely ground, the splicing effect is better

Countertop Lip

The rotation of the knife shaft is balanced, and the lip plate has a silencer hole to reduce noise

Lifting System

Both tables are equipped with quick lifting handles for easy operation


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